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ICMIS Submission Guide

Submission System: the Linkage

ICMIS is aimed at providing an excellent avenue for academicians, students, researchers, professionals, engineers, and scientists from academia and industry to share their research findings and building network for further collaborative research in Management Information System. Submissions to ICMIS 2024 are available in the electronic submission system: the Linkage; Or you could submit your paper by email directly via: icmis_conf@126.com

Basic Requirement for each submitted paper:
1) A minimum of 5 full pages, excluding title, authors, affiliations, abstract, keywords and references
2) A minimum of 3 Figures/Tables
3) A minimum of 10 references in "References" section per article
4) The similarity index of each article should be below 30%

Please follow format guidelines: (Note: Paper can be included in Conference Proceedings; Abstract can be included in Conference program only)

Word&Latex: ICMIS2024-Template.docx

  1. Only word document (.doc) is accepted in the submission stage, please note that figures and tables should be inserted into the main text close to their first citation and must be numbered following their number of appearance.
  2. The submitting author, who is generally the corresponding author, is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer-review process. The submitting author must ensure that all eligible co-authors have been included in the author list and that they have all read and approved the submitted version of the manuscript.
  3. When a manuscript is submitted, the corresponding author will receive a response within a few days regarding the suitability of the manuscript for publication in JAIT. All manuscripts passed desk check will be sent to peer review, and the final acceptance/rejection depends on both reviewers and academic editor's decision.
  4. Please prepare your paper carefully according to the attached paper template. Normally, articles should be at least 5 pages excluding references. And the paper is limited within 7 pages and additional page will be charged 70 USD per page. All submissions will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committees on the basis of technical quality, relevance to conference topics of interest, originality, significance, and clarity.
  5. Authors should observe high standards with respect to publication ethics. Falsification or fabrication of data, plagiarism, including duplicate publication of the authors’ own work without proper citation, and misappropriation of the work are all unacceptable practices. Any cases of ethical misconduct are treated very seriously and will be dealt with it.